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We take pleasure to thank you for the absolute satisfaction that we had in our first contract with you on renting your car. We were very impressed at the Heathrow Airport, where the chauffeur was waiting at the exit with a placard with our name written on it. We have not seen such swift and timely service before. The car was spick and span. We were given 5 star services by the chauffeur who picked our luggage and settled the same in the vehicle. Quite a smooth driver, very safe and observant on the freeway, we shall recommend you to our friends and relatives.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wayne, Australia

A 24 Car Rentals provided us with one of the best and a great pleasurable rental car experience that we had never had before. A very helpful representative from car rentals whose action spoke about the greatness of the services that you offer came to our service. He was very helpful all the way from the Airport to our hotel and the time that he spent with us during our stay. We are sure to use 24 hour car rentals, whenever we visit the city and shall recommend you to whom we know.

Pedro Salvante, Valencia

We shall never get tired of praising car rentals as it gives us great pleasure to patronize your rental car service. This time it was a great experience to travel in your Renault Clio which provided us great comfort and the performance was fantastic. We appreciate that you have always maintain fair rentals with us. Till date we have never had any technical problems while traveling in your cars. We hope to visit within 6 months once again and shall surely avail your services.

Martin, Hongkong

We would like to bring to your kind attention, our great and pleasant experience with your car and rental service. An efficient and kind gentleman met us at the airport, helped us with our luggage and explained us about the mechanics of the vehicle to make it convenient for us to handle the same. It was nice of him to show us the place where we would park the car on our return trip for pickup. Such an experienced needs to be recommended and that shall be done./p>

John Holmes- Scotland

We are thankful to you for making our holiday very special. The great hospitality and the service your representative provided us with should be recommended. The first experience was so good that we extended our hire for 2 more days. We faced no hassles. Your service could not have been friendlier. You provided a car that did not trouble us even with the slightest of mechanical or technical problem. We shall surely mention your service to anyone and everyone who travel to this country.

Alexander Flemming, London

I would like to thank you for an excellent service meted out to me on my visit to the city, when I rented your car. Everything was fantastic. I would also like to thank you for the efficient service, your representative provided in helping me to resolve an issue of replacing the wheel of the rented car. I thank you for this positive support and I am sure that the goodwill you have created will earn you many rentals from my side. I will surely rent your car when I visit again.

Julie Andrews, Austria

Thanks a ton, for your humble service. I was surprise to see the car at the Airport at 4 am. Many times I had had to wait for at least 30/40 minutes for a car. This was something great, to be greeted by a humble gentleman at that hour with very good service and greetings. I would like to thank you again. It was nice of the chauffeur to drive us to the hotel though it was not in the itinerary. The greatest part was when he refused to accept any money for the same.

Kyle Smith, New Zealand

I rented a car from A 24 Car Rentals on 8th of May, at the Sahara Airport. I would like to mail you a token of thanks for the rental. The experience was very satisfying with every aspect of your service. The fellow who greeted us at the Airport was very courteous and the car was appealing and comfortable, and the service was extremely convenient. This rental was the best one I have ever had. I will definitely take on rent a car from you again and will also recommend A 24 car rentals to my friends.

Swami, Madras

I have taken on rent cars at a number of Airports all over the world in the past. From all the major companies, has motivated me to write a letter of thanks to you. At first I would like to praise the timely service and the quality of the vehicle that was offered to me. We were absolutely delighted with everything that offered us. We used your vehicle for a fortnight and it was clean, fine and performed flawlessly. The rates were very competitive and if we were to rate you, we would surely label you with 5 stars.

Peter Paul, Denmark

I rented a car here at the 24 hour car rentals company on the 25th of December to drive my family on the weekend into the mountains. The service provided to me at your rent a car office was commendable. At our surprise I did not have to wait for more than 5 minutes for sitting in the car. The driver just drove off smoothly with a full tank of gas. When I returned from the journey there were no hassles in returning the car. I could leave the office premises within the same 5 minutes.

Mateo, California

It is great that , the A 24 Car rentals, mail us a photo of the interior and the exterior of the car that we have rented. This is something great as it lets us know what exactly we are going to pay for. You have a good team of sales persons who are polite and always ready to offer their services. We are grateful to you for the experience we had of renting a vehicle from you last summer. We would like to book the same vehicle this year during our summer holidays.

Dean Martin, Hollywood

Just wanted to thank you for the pleasant service that was provided to me on my visit to your city office. The car was absolutely clean, fine and pleasant to drive. Your representative was very hospitable. He was swift in completing the paper work required for renting the car. Everyone at the office was helpful. Your prices were very competitive. We would never hesitate to use your services again and would definitely recommend you to our friends and relatives. As I work in a travel agency, be sure to get a lot of tourist from my side.

Suzie Chang, China.